Aroma Ayur Heritage

Nestled to the alluring location of Malabar-the land of lords and lures, Aroma heritage is an Ayurveda specialty center initiated with a noble cause of availing top-notch quality comprehensive treatments.

Located to the close proximity of Mattanoor where the legacy of Veer Pazhashiraja echoes, Aroma Heritage is fortified with highly trained and well-experienced doctors, therapists and other health care experts who are qualified as well as committed to assure the well being all those who approach us. Here both in IP and OP unit, we follow very scientific, systematic and proven methodologies. There is nothing called 'one type fitting all' concept when it comes to treatment. So, we consider each person reaching us as a separate entity

Our experts carefully scrutinize them and based on their body type and other factors, develop a precisely customized strategy for treatment.